Song of the Week: Paper Window Dreams

This is just one of my many blogs and hopefully my last. I always wanted my first post to be special, to be something but having already written so much in all of my other blogs, I think I don’t need a special first post anymore.

So for this post and for my first and new segment I’m doing this song of the week thing so that I could hopefully update my blog at least once a week. Hope I don’t have any excuse anymore.

I’m naming Paper Window Dreams by Jeff Pianki for Song of the Week!

I heard his song at a random 8tracks playlist I was listening to when I was studying for an exam.

I like to listen to indie music as I think that these people are really talented. I don’t look at the artist’s name for the music. Sometimes people like this or that music because this or that artist performed it. I just don’t hear the song, I listen to the lyrics. I try to decode the message and go with the melody. Sometimes I just feel like I’m out of place when my friends jam together to sing pop music. So I try to listen every once in a while. My friends don’t really like my kind of music.

Artists like him are the ones who should be popular and not those people who sing pointless songs. I would like to purchase his album once I get to US. I’ll buy every single one of them because this people are the ones who really needs to be funded so that they could keep their music going. I don’t mind paying for this kind of music. I won’t attempt downloading it illegaly. I won’t.

Here’s a link to his site if your guys ever want to browse his albums. I assure you that they’re all good! I just emailed him earlier, appreciating his music. I won’t be waiting for any reply. I’m okay with him being able to read it.

I really have a lot of music to share to all of you guys. Maybe I could make a playlist post. Thoughts?


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