Miss Mones: Blue

This post is actually Miss Jones inspired. MissJones is a local artist here in the Philippines. She is also a fashion blogger and she has a lot of simple yet still beautiful and stunning OOTD’s. I actually envy her for being able to tour the world and being married to a guy as perfect as Echo<3 HAHAHA. Anyway, here’s my OOTD shot at the student lounge in our school. OOTD 1 We were actually pretending that we were in some other place like the Colosseum in Rome or in Paris. We actually carried the chair/bench I was seating on because we had to “utilize all the resources”, make use of everything. We know that it doesn’t look anything like it but… Spongebob-imagination It was pretty heavy but for the love of a good photo, WE ARE WILLING TO DO ANYTHING!!!HAHAHA image2 (2) Miss Mones 2

Dress from my mom’s closet
Shoes – borrowed it from my sister
Belt– thrifted
BagBag Ito Ph

I am adding a sub category underfashion for my OOTDs. It’s called Miss Mones. Yay! So I could hopefully dress up better. Something to inspire me and to all those other broke fashionista wanna-be like me. HAHAHA!

My Last name is actually read as (Mo-nes) but for the sake of this post, it is read as (Mowns).


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