SOTW: Growing Up by Run River North

I am halfway through another post I was working on when I realized that I haven’t updated my song of the week section (lakas maka dot com, may section). Anyway I am too sleepy and to tired to finish that post so I’ll just continue it tomorrow. I already set a deadline for that post so it should be up on or before the 15th of this month. I suck at updating my blog so I allot a little okay not little, some time to finish writing and more on post-processing the photos. I don’t usually think that deep about the words since I think that this is a personal blog, it is okay to just blurt it out.

Anyway, back to the original topic!!!
I actually like this song because it has a very good message (I guess that is why songs are made; to convey messages) It’s actually really good. They’re a good band! 🙂 You’ll enjoy their music, I guarantee. Happy listening and enjoy!


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