Writing 101 – Day One: Free Writing

I don’t exactly have a title for this blog post so I’ll just copy the title of the assignment given. We were tasked to just scribble or type anything that comes into our mind for twenty minutes. Here’s mine! And that is what’s going on in my mind lately.

There are so many things we wish to scream. There are so many things we wish to tell the world, the whole universe. There are so many things we wish to express, our love, our happiness, our pain, our anger, our disappointment, our frustrations. There are a billion things in this world and yet we still feel that the greatest emotion we feel is still nothing compared to what others are going through, the burden they are carrying or the emotion they are trying so hard to hold back.

We can never compare our lives to others. We may have a similar situation but the people around, or the threshold for pain or for burden is always different. We have different boiling and cooling points. No person is the same but we aren’t always that different.

We all have to learn how to understand each other, how to feel when one is hurt or sense when one is simply not okay, having a bad day or just having those days.

You may see them smiling, laughing, joking around, but you’ll never see them cry. Why? Because they will never show you how weak they could be. They will never tell you how hurt or how depressed they are even if they want to but here’s what I want you to do. I want you to do something. Hug them. Tell them that they can’t always be strong. Tell them that it’s okay to cry every once in a while. Offer your shoulder. Wipe their tears away. Stay by their side. You don’t have to talk. You just have to be there. Tell them that they can’t be strong forever. It’s okay to breakdown, they’re human and it’s normal.

Tell them that there are a million of beautiful things out there that needs to see their smiling face. Tell them how they could brighten up your day. Tell them that they are an important dust in the universe. Tell them to stand up, to not give up, to give tomorrow another chance. Tell them to move on and kick ass!


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