Serially Lost (Part 1)

It was so early and so quiet. The sun was rising and I was just watching. There I was lying in bed, staring out the window wondering, pondering, planning the games I wish to play that day. I was eleven.

The beauty of a brand new morning drove me out of my room. My aunts and my cousins were seated around the dining table joking around, sipping their coffee while feeling the summer morning breeze. I saw you still sleeping so peacefully as I walked out of the house. I headed straight for my bicycle to roam around the street for a while as the mac and cheese was still being cooked.

I headed straight to the field where you used to work very early in the morning. I was supposed to see tall corn crops there, eggplants, and peanuts. I saw tall Kans grass instead. The field was abandoned for quite some time. It was waiting for you to recover. I was also waiting for you to recover. I badly wanted to ride or drive the tractor with you again but it seemed very impossible.

The doctors said that you didn’t have that much time anymore. Everyday, you became weaker and thinner. You were in pain but you didn’t want to take anything anymore. It’s not that you gave up, it was because you were ready but I wasn’t. I headed back home.

Sunbeams were scattered around your face. The birds were singing the sweetest melody I have ever heard. When I reached the door, I stopped. I just stood there. I was surprised.


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