Dashadowlost: Cabongaoan Beach, Burgos, Pangasinan

So last year, my sister and I made a quick trip to Burgos, Pangasinan to cap off 2016. It was supposed to be a getaway with my 2 sibs and our 5 dogs but ate decided to stay behind since there would be no one left to guard the house. Elijah and I still pushed through with the trip. We were supposed to leave for Burgos at 3 in the morning to catch the sunrise BUUUUUTTTT we both overslept so we left at around 6 o’clock in the morning.

It was a 4 hour drive (since we left late, and there were also a lot of tourists heading towards Alaminos, and Bolinao (other beaches on the same area). Not many people know about Cabongaoan beach since it is not yet that publicized and also it takes 45mins or so to reach the beach from the town proper. The road isn’t well paved but the government is already starting to cement it.

We reached Cabongaoan beach at around 10:30AM (we made a quick stop at the local grocery store to purchase goods). We came with our two dogs, Magneto, and Shibo. My sister and I decided to stay overnight at the beach at Allen’s. We rented a kubo for Php 1000, overnight. For me medj sulit na din siya. They were very accommodating that they even included us in preparing their meal (of course we paid extra!) They also have rooms good for 2, and 4 people. If you’re feeling sosyal, the rooms can be rented with the air condition (at a higher cost) or you may opt to use the fan. I recommend the Kubo for the ultimate beach feels!

It’s good to stay at Allen’s since they also allowed us to keep our dogs!!! It’s a dog friendly community! So YES! 5-stars (charrrr).

Anyway, here are some photos of the view. I wasn’t able to take much photos. Sorry.





I think they both enjoyed running around the beach, and digging sand.

Beautiful rock formations could be found at the right far end of the beach.






From Manila

It would take approx. 6 hours to travel from Manila to Cabongaoan beach. You may opt to take TPLEx and Exit at Urdaneta. From Urdaneta go to Dagupan then Lingayen then take the road heading to Alaminos (Hundred Islands). From Alaminos, there’s a by-pass heading to Burgos beach (also heading to Zambales). When you reach the town proper of Burgos, just as any local around. From the town proper, it would take you another 45mins – 1hr to get to the beach but I promise you, it’s worth it!

The sunset wasn’t that good at the time because it was a bit too cloudy. Hopefully I could enjoy it more when I get back. If you’re planing on going here, you could travel here in a day but if you’re coming from Manila, I advise you stay over night so you could relax, and enjoy, the peaceful, and beautiful shore.




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