I did not realize I was a picky eater

I didn’t realize that I was a picky eater until my mom told me. I didn’t agree at first because I never knew I was one.

I’d like to defend myself by listing the food I don’t enjoy eating. 

1. Eggplant*

We were having lunch at home that time. She noticed that I was pushing the eggplant from the pinakbet to the side.

*I like eating eggplant if it’s just the eggplant. Boiled, ensalada, torta, as long as you don’t mix it with any other dish then it’s fine with me!

2. Kare-kare

IKR!!! I’m pretty sure that this should be on top of the list. I don’t really know why or how I started disliking kare-kare. I just remember that I don’t like it since the first time they served it since I was little.

3. Melon

I like fruits. Yeah but Melon? Naaaah. I think I have to pass. Oh wait! Let’s add Jackfruit, and guyabano. Ugh!

Maybe I’m not really a picky eater. There are just some food I don’t prefer. Well who knows, someday I might change my mind. Or my taste buds… Ha-ha!


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