Ramen Hunt: Takumen, LIC

First things first, I believe a welcome back should be in order. It’s been a while since I have updated my blog. I had a few attempts but I didn’t know where, or how to start. I have a few pending posts but never had the inspiration to hit the publish button. I feel like this post would be a good start to what could be my comeback to blogging.

Yesterday, I went to a job interview in Brooklyn. I was sleepless for the past few days, and I don’t know how I was able to manage to wake up early to go to the interview. I walked towards the train station, and to my surprise, IT WASN’T WORKING. Wait, why am I still surprised? Well, hello, NY! MTA, I still don’t know what you’re maintaining. 

Anyway, I didn’t have much time to look for an alternate commute route so I had to book a cab. I tried Juno because it was much cheaper compared to Uber. Well Uber pool was way cheaper but I was running out of time.

My schedule’s at 10AM and I managed to arrive there on time. It was brief. I was able to finish in 30mins. The interview would be for another story.


I still have to go to work at 3PM so I went straight towards the area. I knew I still had time to kill, 3hours to be exact and I didn’t know what to do. I thought about visiting MoMA PS1 again, but I was too lazy to walk all the way to Court Sq from 21st. (((= *when laziness strikes.

So I decided to walk around and I saw this nail salon. It has been a few months since I had my nails done. I think the last time was still back home so I just decided to go. I tried to kill a lot of time there by trying to dry my pedicure for a good 20-30mins.

I was supposed to go to my usual ramen place called “Tamashii Ramen” but they were still closed at that time so I decided to Yelp  my way through the vicinity. I found another one called “Takumen”.







The place is actually nice. With all it’s cute lighting plus the natural window light. It’s really nice and better than Tamashii’s since the other one’s too small, and kind of dark. But I still love Tamashii.

I ordered the Goma Ramen which is the “spicy” ramen. I was feeling a little bit sick so I had ramen. It wasn’t that bad but it wasn’t spicy at all. I don’t know what is with the taste buds of these Americans. Always claiming something to be spicy but in reality, it’s not really. 

It was still good though. It comes with a side of boiled egg (but Tamashii’s tamago is way better) and a 7-grain rice or whatever that I still don’t understand why. Don’t get me wrong. The rice was good too it’s just that I don’t understand why it comes with the ramen. Like carbs on carbs on carbs.

I also had a glass of wine which is a weird drink for a weird meal. Overall, I still liked it but I am still searching for the taste that could come close to ippudo’s broth. Like seriously I haven’t found it yet. I’ve been to different of Ramen Bars from Queens to the City but here I am… Still searching.


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