Stale Coffee

If we were having coffee, we would probably be catching up. Staring at each other, letting the awkwardness fill the silence. We’ll think about something new to do or maybe plan another adventure, somewhere we haven’t been to.

If we were having coffee, maybe we’d be out of town. We’d be driving far far away from the city to catch a good view. It would be by the mountain, by the lake or even by the beach. It wouldn’t really matter as long as I’m with you.

If we were having coffee, I’d spill my coffee on you. Then I’d order another cup, and spill that on you too. But if we were having booze, that would be better too. I’d slap your face while telling you I like you.

I wish we had coffee. Then maybe, just maybe, it would be a different story.


Serially Lost (Part 1)

It was so early and so quiet. The sun was rising and I was just watching. There I was lying in bed, staring out the window wondering, pondering, planning the games I wish to play that day. I was eleven.

The beauty of a brand new morning drove me out of my room. My aunts and my cousins were seated around the dining table joking around, sipping their coffee while feeling the summer morning breeze. I saw you still sleeping so peacefully as I walked out of the house. I headed straight for my bicycle to roam around the street for a while as the mac and cheese was still being cooked.

I headed straight to the field where you used to work very early in the morning. I was supposed to see tall corn crops there, eggplants, and peanuts. I saw tall Kans grass instead. The field was abandoned for quite some time. It was waiting for you to recover. I was also waiting for you to recover. I badly wanted to ride or drive the tractor with you again but it seemed very impossible.

The doctors said that you didn’t have that much time anymore. Everyday, you became weaker and thinner. You were in pain but you didn’t want to take anything anymore. It’s not that you gave up, it was because you were ready but I wasn’t. I headed back home.

Sunbeams were scattered around your face. The birds were singing the sweetest melody I have ever heard. When I reached the door, I stopped. I just stood there. I was surprised.

Day Three: Triad

When I listen to music, I feel like I am drifting into a new world. Whenever I plug that pair of earphones on and hit the play button, the world around me suddenly changes. I close my eyes and I feel every note flowing, every lyrics coming through, I see the artist struggling, I feel their happiness, sometimes their pain. I feel like I am one with the song.

I hate it when people say that music is the only thing that has stuck with them when no one else has. I mean like, look around you, there are people out there who’s just waiting for you to come out. Anyway, my taste in music has changed over time. I listen to music while driving, studying, cleaning, anything. The genres I used to like aren’t that enticing anymore. I still listen to them every once in a while but not as much as I did before but it actually depends on my mood.

Well here is my little list. It’s not my favorite music as I don’t really do favorites but here are the top three songs I feel most relevant to what I am going through right now.

1. LAST HOPE by Paramore

This has been “my song” for the past month since it was our exams MONTH and I am really, seriously struggling in class. The grades have been out, some were good and some were not so…

It's just a spark but it's enough
to keep me goingAnd when it's dark out, no one's around,
it keeps glowing

There are so many things in life we still have to be thankful about.

2. ON MY OWN from Les Miserables

Pretty much sums up my life. HAHAHAHAHA :(((

3. Little Wonders by Rob Thomas

I don’t really want to add a third song but then again, the task said THREE.

This is it! I just actually chose three random songs. Just go check my other SOTWs. 🙂

Day Two: A Room with a View

So for Writing 101’s Day Two challenged, we were tasked to write about a place we wish to be transported. My thoughts are a little bit messy since I’ve always wanted to travel so I can’t really decide where to go. Sorry for the messy writing, and messy thoughts.

Imagine waking up in the morning, hearing the sound of birds chirping, waterfalls and river flowing, the sound of nature, so beautiful, so serene. You get up and out of bed, and then you walk a few steps to your cabin’s balcony inhaling mother nature’s freshest air. There you are standing, appreciating, the big and tall trees that stretches up to the heaven, the animals freely roaming around not giving a fuck, the peacefulness of the world, the simplicity of life.

You walk around greeting your neighbors, the species around you, the birds, the bees, the trees, the plants, every single organism, a happy and pleasant morning. Picture yourself living the simplest life you could imagine.

I’ve always wanted to try and live in the wilderness. I’ve always wanted to be one with nature, to be able to live like the first human being. I’ve always wanted to try living in the rain forest or in the jungle or in remote areas where people need medical help. #OffTheMap

But sometimes, I just wish to be inside my car, driving towards all the direction drawn on my map. I’ve always wanted to travel the world, to travel the universe, to travel through time and space, to see all the culture, the heritage, and to acquire the knowledge of what history has to offer.

There’s always a place we wish we’d rather be, than this life we are stuck in. I just wanted to live a simple and happy life out of this city’s chaos, problems, out of everything. It sounds so unreal, these things which are too impossible to happen. So allow me to choose, even for just a day, to wake up in the warmth, in the protection, in the comfort of your loving arms. Make me feel alive.


Writing 101 – Day One: Free Writing

I don’t exactly have a title for this blog post so I’ll just copy the title of the assignment given. We were tasked to just scribble or type anything that comes into our mind for twenty minutes. Here’s mine! And that is what’s going on in my mind lately.

There are so many things we wish to scream. There are so many things we wish to tell the world, the whole universe. There are so many things we wish to express, our love, our happiness, our pain, our anger, our disappointment, our frustrations. There are a billion things in this world and yet we still feel that the greatest emotion we feel is still nothing compared to what others are going through, the burden they are carrying or the emotion they are trying so hard to hold back.

We can never compare our lives to others. We may have a similar situation but the people around, or the threshold for pain or for burden is always different. We have different boiling and cooling points. No person is the same but we aren’t always that different.

We all have to learn how to understand each other, how to feel when one is hurt or sense when one is simply not okay, having a bad day or just having those days.

You may see them smiling, laughing, joking around, but you’ll never see them cry. Why? Because they will never show you how weak they could be. They will never tell you how hurt or how depressed they are even if they want to but here’s what I want you to do. I want you to do something. Hug them. Tell them that they can’t always be strong. Tell them that it’s okay to cry every once in a while. Offer your shoulder. Wipe their tears away. Stay by their side. You don’t have to talk. You just have to be there. Tell them that they can’t be strong forever. It’s okay to breakdown, they’re human and it’s normal.

Tell them that there are a million of beautiful things out there that needs to see their smiling face. Tell them how they could brighten up your day. Tell them that they are an important dust in the universe. Tell them to stand up, to not give up, to give tomorrow another chance. Tell them to move on and kick ass!