Rewind: The Idea of You

It’s 2AM and my thoughts are full of you… again! I was driving back to Manila earlier, it was silent, I was sleepy when it suddenly hit me.

I realized that I was courageous but not courageous enough to say it directly to your face. I was wise yet I was stupid to confront you with how I felt. I blew it all off.

 If I had the chance to go back in time, I would rewind my life to the point where I was certain. Certain of the things, happening around me, which was you. I was certain that there was something going on between us. I was certain but suddenly it all faded. I wasn’t sure anymore.

If I only had the chance to go back to last year’s Christmas, I would. Then I could do things differently. I could have been a better person and we both could have saved our blooming friendship.

But life wasn’t created that way. If living was as easy as that then we all wouldn’t have learned. We may not be able to move forward because we all could have rewind-ed. We won’t be able to progress and see that there is a far better picture for us if we just hit play and go on with our lives.

There is no rewind in life for if there was, we would all be living in the past. There would be no present nor future. If we keep on rewinding to try and correct every little mistake we had made then there’s no sense of living at all.  We do not dwell and live in the past. Let us do what we can do today. What’s done is done but there are far more better things that can be done. Stop living in the past, stop worrying about tomorrow, start living today.


How to improve your everyday living

untitled-2Before this year started I told myself to actually be a better version of myself, everyday. Be a better version of my yesterday self. If I was a bum yesterday, I should be a better bum today. Just kidding! I should try to be more productive, and more positive towards life.

Lately I’ve felt that I am actually being able to commit myself in doing that. I started this little activity I do every night before I go to bed. This is something I have started just a few days ago.

I have increased my productivity level by 60%. Most days, I’d be sitting around, watching TV or even napping for 8hrs (HAHAHA). Since I started this small ritual, I am able to achieve better versions of myself everyday. And that is to be a lesser bum. You’re welcome, fam.

So what I do before I go to bed is I make a list of the things I need to accomplish the following day. It helps me keep track of my mom’s orders (half kidding) and the things I have to do for myself. From breathing to running errands, basically anything under the sun.dsc_2319I am a disorganized person when it comes to life, basically. HAHAHA. I tend to forget things a lot. Most of the time, I go up and down the house, throwing things across the room because I don’t remember where I last kept the car keys when it’s just right at the palm of my hand. IKR!!! Pero kahit anong gawin ko siya nalang di ko pa nakakalimutan. Chazzz!!!

It’s like making a grocery list except that you’re not buying things you need/want but things or chores you need to accomplish. It could be the things you need to study for an upcoming test, the projects or files your boss asks you to find or finish, to simple house chores such as washing the dishes, doing laundry, and even sweeping the floor (okay not the best example but you get the point?)

Ever since, I started this List thing I feel like I am a much “busier” person since I feel like I have accomplished at least one task in a day. (I could be a total bum!!!) You could try it yourself and see what difference it makes in your daily living.

ICYMI: San Miguel Flavored Beer University Fair

Everybody loves a good cold beer. And I’m pretty sure that we’d enjoy it more with the company of friends, and strangers who share the same love for beer as we do.

dsc_1857One weekend, San Miguel arranged a fun-filled weekend for all beer lovers out there in Circuit Makati, the SMFBU Fair. My friend just informed me 12hrs before the event. I had to travel early as I was coming from Pangasinan.


I arrived in Manila at around 2PM. Usually the travel from PNG to MNL takes 4hrs but traffic managed to take me there after 5 freakin hours!!! (At least, I’m safe). Anyway, I got off at GMA-Kamuning MRT Station to meet my friend, KV. We started our journey from there. Thanks to the trusty we arrived at our destination without getting lost and in one piece.dsc_1832

There were different booths prepared by different schools, as well as games prepared by SMFBU. It was very fun and exciting since it’s my first time to actually attend such event. We tried almost all of the games prepared.



We arrived early at the event so we were able to try most of the activities without long lines. We got kind of bored, and we were looking around if we actually know some people. Luckily I saw a facebook post from one of my friends, who dropped by at the event but wasn’t allowed to enter because of his things (wag na itanong kung ano.) HAHAHAHA. They went back at around 8PM just in time for the main event.


The show opened with BTC, the Battle of the Bands winner from their recent event. 




Up Dharma Down


Kundiman tayo hanggang dulo… Silent Sanctuary




I really had fun that night. We grabbed some ramen from Erra’s right after.

Miss Universe: Q and A with the future Misses

Just a few days ago, the 65th Miss Universe Pageant was held here in the Philippines. So my friend, and I decided that we should have our own take on the Miss Universe Top 6 questions.

Philippines: What is the most significant change you’ve seen in the world in the last 10 years?

Kath: “For the last 10 years, I’ve seen more people coming from the younger generation are becoming aware of the world’s present day problems. They are the students who are not just good listeners who also develop a strong foundation of the principles and creating solutions to their chosen advocacy and that will make them a good leader and a great influence to everybody.”

Kenya: What are you most excited about and what most concerns you when it comes to the presidency of Donald Trump?

Dasha: “The presidency of Mr. Trump has always been the talk of the town even before he was elected into office. We all need to be united as a nation. What concerns me the most is that instead of moving forward, we are moving back. Mr. Trump just started his term and there is still a lot of work to do and can be done.

Thailand: Name a current or past world leader whom you admire, and why?

D: Well, easy. Justin Trudeau. He is more than just a politician. He is a world leader who knows how to resolve issues in a modern way. Compared to other leaders, he is revolutionary. He is fair, and just. I just really admire his leadership skills, and also of course… His looks! HA-HA.

France:Given today’s worldwide refugee crisis, do countries have an obligation to accept refugees or do they have a right to close their borders?

D: People always have a choice but it’s the 21st century. It’s about time that we should learn to accept, and love people no matter where they come from, no matter how they look because deep inside us, we are all the same. We come from the same cell. Countries have the right to close their borders as they deem fit but for me, I think we should all start to respect and love each other to be able to have a more peaceful, and better environment.

Haiti: If you were able to participate om the women’s march on january 21st, what would you have been marching for?

K: “Women today are powerful, confident and independent. We already have attained so much from this universe and so far, we’ve been so successful which has been proven in so many ways. I would always choose to stand concerning about women’s right and to find equality among men and women.

Colombia: Why do you believe violence is so prevalent in today’s society and what can we do about it?

K: “Violence will never be solution to any problem because some people may think that it is the only way to get what they want, to use force and to abuse those who are fragile. I believe we should train ourselves to be patient, to listen as to what others say and be able to resolve misunderstanding with communication.”

Since this is my blog, and I would like to have a take on my matter, here…

D: It actually startles me how some people have small regard for other people’s life. Just like here in the Philippines where other people actually mercilessly say how it is good that alleged drug users/addicts are being murdered in our streets, worse, in their own homes. I think a big part of this is how our leader portrays and promotes violence. It is about time that we should all reflect of our actions, and thinking. Violence solves nothing. It just creates more problem and adds chaos to the world. We should always try and talk things through. As Francis M would say it “you can’t talk peace and have a gun.”

Bonus Round!!! Assuming that if we joined the pageant, we’d actually be able to get a spot at top 3. HAHAHA

Name something over the course of your life that you failed at, and tell us what you learned from that experience.

K: “At some point in my life, I doubted myself, my skills and everything I know. I failed to believe in myself every time I compare my flaws to somebody who has this perfect image. What I learned from this experience is to be confident, trust yourself and believe that you can be anything you want be you deserve it. You deserve to be beautiful in your own way!”

D: Everyday we dwell with failures, big and small, from waking up late and rushing every morning, to life changing decisions. To be honest, I am still in the middle of accepting the biggest failure I have experienced and that is failing the same subject, TWICE. I was supposed to graduate from college last year but due to some sheer bad luck I missed that opportunity by 0.20pts. It was devastating. I cried for a week, and I have been bitter ever since. This trial has taught me to look at situations from  different perspectives. It has taught me how to be more optimistic, and to always see the good in everything. Since then, I have always been contented with my life, with what I have. I have learned to take life, one day at time, one problem, at a time.


So there you go! I’m sorry it took me almost a week to accomplish this. More #dashadowlost updates soon!

Dashadowlost in Baguio

Took a quick trip to Baguio with friends to start the year and I guess it’s the best idea ever. Didn’t regret it! Well except for the burned gas!!! The car’s not that efficient anymore. 😦 but anw…

I guess we could say that we actually waited for the New Year just so we could push through with this trip. It was planned a looooong time ago. Chazzz 

Sometime in the middle of 2016, my friends and I were planning a trip to Baguio to look for leather jackets at thrift stores (Sounds sosyal, right? UKAY-UKAY! HAHAHAHAHA). It never happened because we all got busy and went back to our old boring lives to study back in Manila/Baguio.

Fast forward to new year’s eve, it was decided that we shall push through with the trip. And so we did!


Fierce fierce-an. @ CJH

We met up at around 12nn, had a quick lunch at Jam’s place and went straight ahead to Cordillera! It was fun and wasn’t that traffic since most people were already driving down to go back to their respective homes.

I actually wanted to go to Baguio sometime at the end of 2016 but I was too lazy to drive and people from Baguio Continue reading

Dashadowlost: Cabongaoan Beach, Burgos, Pangasinan

So last year, my sister and I made a quick trip to Burgos, Pangasinan to cap off 2016. It was supposed to be a getaway with my 2 sibs and our 5 dogs but ate decided to stay behind since there would be no one left to guard the house. Elijah and I still pushed through with the trip. We were supposed to leave for Burgos at 3 in the morning to catch the sunrise BUUUUUTTTT we both overslept so we left at around 6 o’clock in the morning.

It was a 4 hour drive (since we left late, and there were also a lot of tourists heading towards Alaminos, and Bolinao (other beaches on the same area). Not many people know about Cabongaoan beach Continue reading

Mt. Batolusong

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Mt. Batolusong is located in Brgy. San Andres, Tanay, Rizal. It is a 1-2hour drive from Manila (depending on the traffic). My friends and I met at McDonald’s in front of Trinoma, and left at around 5AM. Along the way, we could already see the Sea of Clouds. It’s amazing, and I got a little more excited. We reached the jump off site before 6AM.

We started the trek a little past 6 and reached Duhatan Ridge just in time to capture the beauty of the majestic Sea of Clouds. It was my first time to hike so it all makes the experience a little more special. The view was truly breath-taking. So was the hike, LITERALLY breath-taking. I managed to blurt out “ayoko na” several times along the way but still continue to drag myself up to the peak which is 780m ASL. The trail was almost 5km long, and was rated 2-3/9 but since it rained the night before I think that made it a little bit harder (or baka ako lang  kasi first timer).

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We payed Php20 pesos at the Barangay Hall (+ another Php20 for the Rangyas Peak). Some hikers don’t continue the hike up to the peak and enjoy the scenic view from Mapatag Plateau. It is another 1hr hike or so from the plateau to Rangyas peak. You’ll be passing something like a bamboo trail, and will be needing to “rock climb” to reach the peak. A cold, and fresh breeze greeted us upon reaching the peak.

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We stayed there for a few minutes to appreciate the view, as well as to take a short break. On our way to back to trail to Kay-ibon falls, we passed by a small “store” selling fresh buko. Again, rested for a few minutes and continued to trail for the falls.

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We stayed a few minutes, had our snacks, and continued for the Sangab Cave. It wasn’t advisable to swim and explore the cave at that time since the water wasn’t clear due to the rain the night before. If ever, you’ll be needing extra gears such as headlamps and additional payment for the tour.

We walked our way back to the Brgy. Hall where we had our lunch a little past 1, cleaned ourselves up as the rain was falling. Then went home past 2PM.

It was indeed a fun, and fulfilling experience, especially for my first hike. Will definitely go hiking again… SOON!

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Be the “kaya ko pa” in this world full of “ayoko na”.

Mt. Batolusong

Major jumpoff: Brgy. San Andres, Tanay, Rizal*
LLA: 645 MASL / 780 MASL
Days required / Hours to destination: 1 day /1.5h (Mapatag); 3-4 (Rangyas Peak)
Specs: Minor climb, Difficulty 3/9, Trail class 1-3
Features: Grassland slopes, views of Laguna, Rizal, and Quezon; and if you’re early: the Majestic Sea of Clouds
Brgy. Hall: Php 20 (+ another Php20 if you want to reach Rangyas Peak)
Tour guide: Php 500 (good for 5-7 people)
Food: Lunch is around Php50-70 (there’s a nearby sari-sari store that also sells lunch, just go ask manang before heading up)
Transpo: sorry I don’t know; we went by private car.