NOT Pirates of the Caribbean

My friends and I were supposed to watch “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales”. But by some random text message, we got to Urbiztondo Beach in La Union. (*Ahem! Hello, Gelica!)

We left Pangasinan at around 1:30PM and arrived in LU at 4PM. As expected, there was traffic and a lot (but not so much) people in the beach. We didn’t swim though bec we didn’t want to get wet. ??? HAHAHAHA. IKR. Anw, here is a short quick edit of our trip to La Union!


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Day Two: A Room with a View

So for Writing 101’s Day Two challenged, we were tasked to write about a place we wish to be transported. My thoughts are a little bit messy since I’ve always wanted to travel so I can’t really decide where to go. Sorry for the messy writing, and messy thoughts.

Imagine waking up in the morning, hearing the sound of birds chirping, waterfalls and river flowing, the sound of nature, so beautiful, so serene. You get up and out of bed, and then you walk a few steps to your cabin’s balcony inhaling mother nature’s freshest air. There you are standing, appreciating, the big and tall trees that stretches up to the heaven, the animals freely roaming around not giving a fuck, the peacefulness of the world, the simplicity of life.

You walk around greeting your neighbors, the species around you, the birds, the bees, the trees, the plants, every single organism, a happy and pleasant morning. Picture yourself living the simplest life you could imagine.

I’ve always wanted to try and live in the wilderness. I’ve always wanted to be one with nature, to be able to live like the first human being. I’ve always wanted to try living in the rain forest or in the jungle or in remote areas where people need medical help. #OffTheMap

But sometimes, I just wish to be inside my car, driving towards all the direction drawn on my map. I’ve always wanted to travel the world, to travel the universe, to travel through time and space, to see all the culture, the heritage, and to acquire the knowledge of what history has to offer.

There’s always a place we wish we’d rather be, than this life we are stuck in. I just wanted to live a simple and happy life out of this city’s chaos, problems, out of everything. It sounds so unreal, these things which are too impossible to happen. So allow me to choose, even for just a day, to wake up in the warmth, in the protection, in the comfort of your loving arms. Make me feel alive.